Who We Are

Kuunda was dreamed up to fill a space in the ethical clothing niche for all body types, for women that proudly showcase the features handed down for generations.

As a skinny girl with my mommas hips, it was always hard finding loose fit clothes that didn’t cling to my hips and ballon out from my waist. I aim to change that perspective by offering semi tailored looks for all clientele!

At Kuunda , highly skilled workmanship is our first priority. We use only premium, 100% pure linen and design our clothing for a wide range of sizes.

Each design is available in limited quantities to ensure that our customers enjoy exquisite designs and brilliant tailoring.

Two words describe our design ethos: Ethical & Effortless

From our Abu Dhabi headquarters, we travel the world in pursuit of elevated materials, inspiration, and true artisanship.

We’re passionate about social and environmental responsibility, treat people ethically, and partner with like-minded vendors.

Where We Are Headed:

We’re pursuing ever-more sustainable fibers and practices.

You know why sustainability matters.

We’ll continue to show you how we’re getting there.

We will continue to create items that flatter and enhance ALL body types.